Automated Rate Shopping With Amazon Buy and ShipStation

If you’re an Amazon seller using ShipStation to fulfill orders, Amazon Buy Shipping is a huge competitive advantage. But, it adds complexity to your shipping process by making you manually select a shipping option for each order. String solves this by automatically selecting the best Amazon Buy rate for each order you ship.


Tyler Douglas

If you’re an Amazon seller using ShipStation to fulfill orders, Amazon Buy Shipping is a huge competitive advantage for you. There’s two key benefits that make it worth trying out. 

First, Amazon Buy Shipping can improve your delivery performance metrics on Amazon. This is huge when you’re trying to boost your seller score and have your products featured before others. 

Second, when you use Amazon Buy Shipping, your orders are typically protected against A-to-Z Guarantee claims related to shipping. If a shipment is lost or arrives late, Amazon may cover the cost instead of charging you for it.

But there’s two key drawbacks when it comes to using Amazon Buy shipping with ShipStation.  

First, The availability and pricing of different service types offered via Amazon Buy can change for every order.  For example, USPS Ground Advantage may be eligible via Amazon buy for one order, but not another. This means you can’t create automation rules to always select a specific service.

Also, Amazon Buy shows you rates for both cubic pricing and standard pricing for USPS shipments. This means you have to select the right pricing option for every shipment in order to get the best pricing. 

Amazon sellers who use ShipStation are integrating String to auto-select the best rate for every Amazon order in their ShipStation account. 

What’s great about String is how flexible it is with handling Amazon Buy as a shipping option.

If you sell on multiple channels, String knows to only use Amazon Buy Shipping for Amazon orders.  Also, String can be configured to select labels from outside of Amazon Buy if it’s cheaper. 

You have the flexibility to set up String for rate shopping in whatever way best supports your business success. 

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