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How Keto Chow Saves $11,000 a Month by Using String

August 22, 2023

"We get a pretty constant string of "hey we will save you money on shipping" pitches but none of them ever saved us anything because our process was already really great. String had a different angle: it would look at all of the options available in Shipstation and pick the least expensive - I felt that was worthwhile to look at since it wouldn't require us to change our fulfillment process or train employees on new software (or introduce crippling errors and more!)"

The tremendous success Keto Chow has achieved caused inefficiencies in their shipping process because of the pressure it put on their warehouse team. Find out how String helps alleviate that pressure while also saving them over $120,000 a year.

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How Veiled Saves $15,000 per month on Shipping While Providing a Better Shipping Experience

July 19, 2023

"String has had a substantial impact on our fulfillment process. It has led to substantial cost savings on shipping, reduced time spent on ticket preparation for fulfillment and a decrease in customer complaints due to the unshipped order reporting feature. We are extremely satisfied with all aspects of String's service".

Learn how Veiled saves nearly $3 per shipment with String while providing a better shipping experience to their customers.

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How Rise Brewing Co Saves $6,000 per Month With String

May 10, 2023

"String has not only allowed us to take full advantage of our current parcel rate structures but has also helped us improve them. We have parcel carriers now fighting for our business while we are enjoying lowered order processing times!"

We spoke with Ryan Byrd, Director of Operations for Rise Brewing Co, to hear what he loves about String.

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How IQBAR Saves $12,000 per Month With String

April 13, 2023

“String solved both our A) incorrect weights and dimensions problem, and B) expense leakage issue.Within the first week, we quickly realized we were saving over $1/order and a ton of stress/heartache!”

We sat down with the Founder and CEO of IQBAR, Will Nitze, to learn about why he loves String and how it impacted his business.

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