Does ShipStation have discounted rates for shipping?

A major benefit of web based shipping platforms is discounted shipping rates. Does ShipStation offer discounted rates for shipping?


Tyler Douglas

Yes, ShipStation offers discounted shipping rates to its users. This is one of the key benefits of using a service like ShipStation for businesses, particularly small to medium-sized ones. 

These discounts are possible because of the volume of shipping that ShipStation handles, which allows them to negotiate lower rates with carriers.

Who Does ShipStation Offer Discounted Rates For?

ShipStation only offers discounted shipping rates from USPS, UPS, and DHL. If you want to ship with FedEx or regional carriers like GLS, you’ll have to set up accounts with those carriers directly. 

You can learn more about ShipStations discounted USPS rates here.

And you can learn more about ShipStations discounted UPS rates here

How Can You Select the Cheapest Rate for Every Shipment?

If you want to have the cheapest shipping rate selected for every order in ShipStation, you can try automation rules.  Learn more about automation rules here. 

A limitation of automation rules is that they don’t check live rates for shipments.  If you want to have the cheapest rate for every shipment based on live rates you can try String.

String integrates directly with ShipStation to auto-select the cheapest shipping rate for every order. 

You can get a free savings analysis from String to find out how much you’ll save on shipping by requesting a demo at

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