ShipStation Rate Calculator Alternative

Is there a better option for rate shopping in ShipStation than the rate calculator feature?


Tyler Douglas

What is the ShipStation Rate Calculator

The ShipStation Rate Calculator is a tool that lets you browse all of the available rates from carriers for a shipment. This feature offers users the ability to instantly access real-time shipping rates from various carriers and services, helping you make informed decisions when it comes to shipping their products.

Some Limitations of the ShipStation Rate Calculator

1. While ShipStation integrates with numerous carriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL it doesn’t display the rates of every service option in the calculator tool. For example, the rate calculator will not display rates for UPS SurePost even if it’s available. 

2. While the Rate Calculator provides real-time shipping rates, it will not display rates for services without real-time rating options like UPS Mail Innovation or aggregators like OSM.

3. The rate calculator will not include rebates you get from carriers in the displayed rate or additional commissions you pay to get these rates from someone else. For example, if UPS offers you a 6% rebate at the end of every billing cycle, that price won’t be reflected in the rate ShipStation shows you. 

4. The rate calculator has no filter for time in transit. If you need to choose a service that will deliver in a certain time frame, you have to manually compare everything. 

5. It’s completely manual so using the rate calculator feature to compare rates for every order can be time consuming. On average, it takes about 15 seconds to open the calculator, the rates to load, to select one, and then apply it to an order. 

A Better Alternative to the ShipStation Rate Calculator

A better alternative to the ShipStation rate calculator is String.

String is a ShipStation plugin that integrates in less than 15 minutes to automatically compare rates and update each order with the cheapest one. 

String can consider additional costs or rebates, filter services for ones that will arrive on time, and compare services that don’t have live rates like UPS Mail Innovations. 

String guarantees you will save money on shipping. So you’re only billed when you save more money than String costs to run. 

You can even get a free savings analysis by requesting a demo at!

Save $1.07 per shipment with String