Top 12 Ways to Spend the $10,000 String Saves You Every Month

Businesses using String save $1.07/shipment, which on average, comes out to about $10,000 per month! But, what should they do with that money? In this post, we talk about the top 12 best ways to spend the $120,000 that you save on shipping every year with String.


Tyler Douglas

The average business using String saves $10,000 per month on shipping costs alone.  That pencils out to a whopping $120,000 a year! That’s a lot of money…  It’s so much money that you may not know what to do with it.  

I’m here to help you out.  I’ve put together 12 examples of things you can spend that money on so it doesn’t end up burning a hole in your pocket!  Sit back, grab a beverage, and find out what you can use your newly uncovered $120,000 on this next year.

1.    If you’re a business owner who’s been spending $10,000/mo more than you need to on shipping, you’re probably feeling pretty bummed.  Let’s fix that!  It’s hard to feel bummed when you’re riding a jet ski in Bora Bora. In your first month of using String, we recommend you spend the $10,000 you saved on an all expenses paid trip to BoraBora with a plus one!  When you get back, you’re going to feel like a million bucks.

2.     After your trip to Bora Bora, you feel recharged and ready to start growing your business more.  Remember that the more you grow your business, the more you’ll save with String!  To help grow your business more, you take that $10,000 and run a direct mail campaign with Post Pilot!Post Pilot users can see more than 5x ROAS by re-engaging stale customers, so you’re going to generate even more savings from String next month!

3.     Now that you have a way to drive repeat purchases from customers, how about we use the next $10,000 to get more customers into the top of your funnel?  The most fun way to do this is with a 100 ft long banner towed by a plane across a major city!.  Assuming the banner will cost about $5,000, that leaves you with about 3-4 hours of flying time at $1,250/hr for a plane rental and pilot.

4.     Congratulations! You’ve now generated more top of funnel traffic and your team has worked hard to get those new orders out to customers as quickly as possible!  How about you reward them a new pair of Airpods Pro 2nd Generations?  At $250 a pop, you’ll be able to use that $10,000 to buy 40pairs! That should be enough to cover your team and some lucky friends. 

5.     Your team is fired up and pumping out orders now that they can listen to their favorite tunes in crystal clear audio all day.  How can you use that energy to make them even more efficient?  Take your $10,000 in savings from the 5th month of using String to revamp your warehouse! You’re going to buy new ergonomically friendly racks and bins followed by optimized order packing stations. Your staff is able to shave off about 30 seconds per order and now more customers are able to have their order shipped the same day!

6.     You’ve been working hard on your business for the last 5 months, how about you get yourself a nice little reward?  You probably missed the first leg of the Eras Tour from Taylor Swift, I mean it sold out in like 2 minutes.. Use that $10,000 from String to buy tickets for you and a plus one to the second leg!  After watching a Taylor Swift concert, you should feel incredibly energized and ready to take the business world by storm once again!

7.     You want to take your newly found energy and instill it into your employees but you don’t know how.  Your next investment is to hire a leadership coach for $10,000 to show you how to lead your team to greatness!  Your employees are now inspired and fully bought into the mission. Sales are driven even further to unlock more savings from String!

8.     Now that everyone is bought in, you want your team to bond with each other.  In your 8th month of using String, take your $10,000 in savings to set up a 2 day off-site for your team. Rent a luxury bus to take all of you to your location and hire a professional chef to cook your team meals for the 2days you're on your offsite.  When you get back, your team will not only be bought into the company mission, they’ll want to succeed for each other!

9.     Your team's newly discovered deep bonds grow your business even further, you now need to hire more people and get a bigger office.  Take the$10,000 in savings from String to pay for a concierge moving service. You and your team have to do nothing! Next week, your new expanded office space is ready for you to conquer the world in.

10.  Your year has been crazy, filled with tremendous company growth, and you’re tired. Peak season is just around the corner and you know you’re going to have your biggest quarter ever. What better way to prepare than a full reset?  Use the $10,000 saved with String to buy yourself a trip to NewEngland where you stay in a cozy cabin to enjoy the fall colors and a retreat from the demands of everyday life. Don’t forget to bring a good book and warm clothes!

11.  Peak season is here and with your growing customer base, you know you’re going to have some crazy demand!  You want to make sure you’ll be as free as possible to handle any issues that may come up. Take the $10,000 String saved you to hire a virtual assistant and add some seasonal labor to your CX team.  This helps assure your customers and daily tasks are taken care of so you can be readily available for any issue that may arrive!

12.  The year is coming to an end and it was your best one yet.  The investments you made in your business from the savings String generated resulted in your most explosive year of growth ever. You feel incredibly lucky and want to thank your loved ones for supporting you on your journey. The last thing you do with your $10,000 in savings from String this year is to buy everyone you love the best holiday presents they’ve ever received. For your mom, a beautiful golden necklace. For your dad, a new pickleball set.  For your significant other, a new car that String paid for the down payment of.  And for yourself?  A beautiful timepiece to signify your achievement!  Congratulations, you used the $120,000 String saved you this year to live your best low and grow your business even further!


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