Does ShipStation Charge a Fee for Shipping Labels?

Does ShipStation charge a fee for shipping labels?


Tyler Douglas

Depending on the plan you’re using with ShipStation, ShipStation may or may not charge you a fee to print shipping labels. 

To get a shipping label, you can use one of ShipStations carrier accounts where they offer you negotiated discounts. You can learn more about those here. If you use these, you pay ShipStation for the label. 

Or, you can connect your own carrier account to get shipping labels. If you use your own account, you’ll be billed for shipping labels by your carrier. 

ShipStation does charge you an additional fee to connect your own accounts to ShipStation. You can learn more about this fee here

If you’re on the high volume plan, ShipStation will also charge you $0.08 for every shipping label you print that is from your own carrier account. You can learn more about that fee here

Because of the additional fee, it can be hard to determine if it’s cheaper to use your own account or ShipStations account for a shipment.

If you’re in this situation, there’s a ShipStation plugin called String that can help you. String can auto-select the cheapest rate for every shipment including the $0.08 fee per label that ShipStation charges to use your own accounts.  

You can get a free savings analysis from String by requesting a demo at

Save $1.07 per shipment with String